Can Anyone Afford Disney World Right Now?

New cocktails in Magic Kingdom more Character dining returning and lots of Snacks [Music] Hey everybody it’s AJ for Disney food Blog and you know what day it is it is Disney news day this week we found a lot Of new fall themed snacks details have Been announced for the big Disney 100 Celebration in Disneyland 50th Anniversary statues got a spooky update And an immersive Disney Experience could Be coming to your town let’s talk about It all right let’s talk those character Statues Magic Band plus is the next Generation of Magic Band don’t worry I’m Going to talk about the character Statues but we gotta start with this Magic man stuff first these little bands Do everything the normal Magic bands do They work as Park tickets hotel room Keys a method of payment Etc they also Have some new features and one of those Features is that they interact with the 50th Anniversary gold character statue See I promise around Disney World now Those interactions have taken a Frightening turn they’ve taken on a Spooky theme for the Halloween season When we waved a figment and Epcot some Adam’s family-esque music started to Play and we heard similar music at the Statues of Olaf Pua and heihei and F Caught over in Magic Kingdom the Fab

Five were also in Halloween spirit Daisy Told us happy Halloween and Donald said Did somebody say treats oh boy oh boy I Can’t talk like Donald Chippendale also Wished us a happy Halloween and Mickey Had a joke for us about a skeleton and Of course Stitch is super excited about Happy Halloween as well so if you’ve got A Magic Band plus you can head into the Parks now to try out the new Interactions Hello in bonjour to my Canadian friends Listen up this next one’s for you According to an announcement from the Orlando International Airport on Twitter Link’s air is joining the MCO family on January 27 2023. this new Airline will Have non-stop service four times a week To Toronto if you don’t recognize the Name Lynx air it’s possible you remember The company by its former name energet They rebranded in November 2021 and Changed the company name Link’s air is Also running Sweepstakes on their Website currently for Canadian residents To win a trip to the U.S so make sure to Enter if you’re hoping to fly to Orlando Phoenix Las Vegas or La next year next Up so Disney is embracing a new kind of Technology that’s going to let guests Step into their favorite Disney movies With an immersive new touring exhibit The Disney Animation immersive Experience is going to allow guests to

Step inside some of the more iconic Movies like Encanto The Lion King Aladdin and more you’re going to Literally be able to experience the art And music that makes Disney’s animated Films magical you won’t even have to go Far to find this exhibit either it’s Coming to lots of major cities you’re Going to be able to see it in Boston Cleveland Columbus Denver Detroit Las Vegas Minneapolis Nashville San Antonio And Toronto so be on the lookout for Dates there will even be a special Shimmer and glow with the show light up Technology included with VIP and premium Tickets Keep an eye on your closest City’s Calendar so you won’t miss the exhibit When it passes through seems like a fun And unique thing for Disney fans to do That doesn’t involve traveling all the Way to the parks We’ve got after hours tickets on sale Those events are going to return to Disney World in January of 2023. they’re Going to start on January 4th in Hollywood Studios and on January 9th in Magic Kingdom up until now tickets have Only been available to Disney World Hotel guests and now everyone can Purchase these these after hours events Are separately ticketed events where you Get to stay in the parks for three hours After they close there are usually Lots

Less people in the park because they Only sell so many tickets which means There are also lower wait times for Rides a ton of rides stay open for these As well and if you have an after hours Ticket you can get into the parks as Early as 7 PM with it so you get even More time in those Parks the event times Are from 10 pm to 1 am at Magic Kingdom And 9 30 pm to 12 30 a.m at Hollywood Studios tickets range in price from 129 To 159 dollars per person but Disney Vacation Club members and annual pass Holders can get a discount on certain Days for those after hours events Okay you want to wrap your favorite Place no matter where you are our Magic Kingdom lands sweatshirt is the perfect Subtle addition to your fall wardrobe Perfect for carving pumpkins going Trick-or-treating watching the game and Of course drinking your PSL on Saturday Morning find plenty of colors and Designs in our dfbshirt shop at and thanks of course In advance for your support of the Channel all right we have some big news From the Disney 100th anniversary Celebration some big Disneyland news Specifically during this year’s d23 Expo We learned that Disney was planning the Disney 100 Years of Wonder celebration In honor of that 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company well now we know

That Disneyland is going all out for This one they’ve announced that the Celebration will officially begin on January 27 2023 special limited time Offerings are going to be taking place Throughout Disneyland Resort all year Long when the celebration Begins the Entire park will have received a Makeover featuring new new Platinum Infused Decor all over the place new Costumes for Mickey Minnie and their Pals and of course special drinks and Snacks and merchandise Sleeping Beauty Castle is also getting a makeover Complete with Platinum banners and a Magnificent cabochon two water fountains Will be featured on each side of the Moat and a Wishing Star will top it all Off Disney has already announced the two New nighttime spectaculars are going to Be coming to both California Parks World Of Color one in DCA and wondrous Journeys at Disneyland the most exciting Part arguably is that despite Mickey’s Toontown not being scheduled to open Until spring 2023 Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway will open with the rest Of the Disney 100 celebration on January 27th later in Spring 2023 Disneyland Will welcome back the magic happens Parade to the park as well and more Entertainment is scheduled to pop up Around the parks looks like it’s gonna Be a fun year for Disneyland we’ve got

More character dining returning over at Cape May Cafe at Disney’s beach club Resort minis beach bash breakfast has Returned turned this character dining Experience allows guests to eat Breakfast with Minnie and Donald Daisy And Goofy all dressed in their best Beachwear and I love Goofy’s little rash Guard shirt so cute the meal is 45 Dollars per adult 29 per child note that This is a significant increase from the Buffet without characters and you can Eat dishes like The Salted Caramel Beach Buns which sounds really funny but they Are really really good Mickey and Minnie Waffles cheddar biscuits and gravy and More if you want to read our full review Of this Character Breakfast head to our Website on and that’s Not the only character dining that’s Returned recently over at Ohana Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort a sorely Missed character dining breakfast has Returned I feel like nature is Definitely healing from those coveted Closures and we are talking about the Ohana best friends breakfast Lilo Stitch Pluto and Mickey are back at Ohana Bringing more chaos to breakfast time They’re visiting guests at tables once Again giving us a chance to partake in This unique and rare meet and greet and While you meet these characters you can Munch on pineapple coconut breakfast

Spread Mickey and Stitch waffles lilikoi Juice fresh fruit and more and if you’re Visiting Disney World soon be sure to Snag a reservation for this special Character dining experience because it Does book up real real fast Now Disney had previously announced some Special popcorn buckets would be coming For spooky season in Disney World and Now one particular one has arrived in Disneyland introducing the new zero Popcorn bucket this one has a 3D design Shaped like Jack Skellington’s adorable Ghost Dog companion Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas we found it Over at Disneyland park in California at A popcorn station near Haunted Mansion Holiday the bucket is fairly large comes With a Nightmare Before Christmas design On the strap and has an opening in the Back so you can stuff all your popcorn Inside the popcorn bucket lights up and Is priced at 28 which includes regular Popcorn at the time of purchase Disney’s Shared that it will be available in Disneyland while supplies last and is Set to come to Magic Kingdom as well Jungle navigation Company Limited Skipper canteen is one of our favorite Spots to take a break from the chaos That can be Magic Kingdom this table Service restaurant serves up a variety Of Cuisine mostly inspired by Asia and South American and African cultures but

Skipper canteen recently added two new Cocktails to their menu and you know we Had to try them out first up we tried The new golden Haze Margarita for 16.50 This is made with taramana Blanco Tequila the Rocks tequila brand Grand Marnier agave syrup lime juice and Smoked chili bitters we’ve seen a Similar drink at the petals pool bar at Pop Century in the past but now it’s Come to Magic Kingdom this was a really Good one it didn’t taste like anything Special to us just a really good Margarita we didn’t get any smokiness or Heat from the chili bitters but the Grand Marnier did add a hint of orange Flavor and that gave it a nice sweetness It helped to cut down on the tartness of The lime juice as well overall this was A refreshing one that we’d definitely Get again but if you’re looking for Something a little more fun or unique This is just a standard Margarita now do You hear that in the distance that’s the Sound of the new Jungle bird cocktail Calling your name Gosling’s black rum Campari cane syrup and pineapple and Lime juices come together in this take On the sweet and fruity Tiki drink That’ll transport you right to the Islands the jungle bird was much sweeter Than the margarita which makes sense Given the cane syrup and pineapple juice We didn’t taste too much of the

Bitterness of the Campari at first but As we sipped on the cocktail more it Became pronounced not in a bad way it Did help cut down some of that sweetness This was a well-balanced drink Eventually that would be perfect for Fans of tiki beverages or those just Looking for a fruity and sweet cocktail You can get it for 14.50 the territory Lounge at the Wilderness Lodge Completely revamped their menu we had to Try it out the new items on the menu Include bacon hanging from a wire a S’mores old-fashioned five different Kinds of popcorn and bone marrow in General we really enjoyed the new eats At territory Lounge but they’re not for Everybody some of the snacks were Amazing standouts like this salmon flat Bread and the bone and Brie others were Fun novelty options like the bacon on The Wire we were a little disappointed By some of the popcorn flavors but we Still think that sampler is a fun option Especially for kids or pickier eaters we Also think this is a good spot to try Some Unique Eats that aren’t your Standard theme park food although you Can get some pretty standard charcuterie And flatbreads here we thought the bone And Brie and bacon on a wire were Different and fun to try and by the way If you like meat hanging on a wire the Charcuterie has that too for our full

Review of the entire new menu head to Our website at over At landscape of flavors the cafeteria Style restaurant at the Art of Animation Resort you can now find the new Spellbound chicken adobo nachos which Are blue corn tortilla chips with Chicken adobo toasted pumpkin seeds Roasted corn black beans and a zesty Pumpkin cheese sauce finished with lime Crema and a ghost pepper salsa these Were incredible seriously her reporters Shared that these were easily one of the Best things they’d eaten in Disney World In a long time the dish had a great Blend of fall flavors that pumpkin Cheese sauce had just the right amount Of pumpkin to be enjoyable without being Overwhelming The Cranberries added a fun And unexpected sweetness when mixed in With the rest of the dish and sweet Potatoes were the perfect size for this Dish not too big and the pumpkin seeds Added a good crunch pair all of that With the savoriness of the lime Crema Which balanced out the sweetness of the Pumpkin and cranberries you got a total Win overall if you love fall flavors and Pumpkin and you’re a fan of nachos and You’re looking for a food Adventure that Combines The Best of Both Worlds give This one a try if you don’t like those Fall flavors though or you’d rather your Nachos only feature the classics beef

Lettuce and cheese we totally get it Then steer clear from this one these are Available through October 31st and They’re 12.49 over at connections Cafe In Epcot you can grab the new Caramelized appalache waffle for 3.99 It’s a great price it’s a liege waffle With caramel drizzle Apple chunks and a Crumb topping so how does this compare To the rest of the liege waffles well This one was great it wasn’t Overpoweringly sweet it had a natural Apple flavor we personally would have Enjoyed more caramel on the tree but That’s a personal preference as for the Inside it really does have chunks of Apple they’re really soft so you don’t Have to worry about biting hard to get Through them overall this is a good Affordable breakfast or snack if you’re Looking for something light we stopped By the boardwalk Deli to check out two New or newish Halloween treats that have Arrived the boo Brownie and the creepy Cupcake for those who may not be Familiar with it the boardwalk Deli has Replaced the old Boardwalk Bakery and is Now home to deli sandwiches baked breads Bakery items and more let’s start with a Boo brownie this is a Mickey shaped Brownie topped with ganache and whipped Cream ghosts for 5.79 while Disney has Identified this treat as new it is very Similar nearly identical to the ghostly

Brownie that was available at Boardwalk Bakery back in 2020. it’s not overly Sweet instead it hits the nail on the Head when it comes to the level of Sweetness especially for chocolate Lovers and again remember those ghosts Are whipped cream not frosting so you Don’t have that added sugar from the Topping to make it too sweet our Reporter shared they would happily eat The entire Brownie and even share that They feel that this is a top tier snack The only downside the fudge melts real Quickly and can become pretty messy so Just bring some extra napkins overall if You love brownies and chocolate or Fudge Don’t skip this one next up is the Creepy cupcake another one that Disney Has marked as new the treat is made of a Vanilla cupcake with blood orange curd Filling vanilla marscapone cream Chocolate cookie crumbs and sugar Pumpkins for 5.79 we’ve seen some of the Decorative elements included on past Treats but the combo of cupcake flavors Is new the cupcake itself was very moist We enjoyed the orange curd as well the Pumpkins on top were a fun addition when It comes to looks overall the flavors of The cake incurred balanced each other Well with that curd really cutting Through the sweet vanilla flavor in a Good way the downside to this treat we Didn’t really enjoy the vanilla

Mascarpone cream topping all that much Felt like it was just unnecessary and Mixed in too much with the vanilla cake And curd also the tombstone on top while Cute was just all right in terms of Flavor it was made with white chocolate And felt like an overload of sugar when Mixed with all the other ingredients Overall we’d say if you’re looking for a More unique type of fall cupcake this Could do the trick but you’ll really Need to love the taste of orange to Enjoy this and it’s really sweet with All those toppings so avoid it if you’re Not craving a super sweet cupcake both Treats are available through October 31st so don’t wait too long to stop by Boardwalk Deli if you want to give them A try and over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios a bunch of fall and Halloween Treats have been released first is the Pumpkin lunchbox tart for 429. it’s a Pumpkin pie filled pastry tart topped With marshmallow fondant candy corn and Halloween sprinkles next the pumpkin Patch cookie hit Catalina Eddie’s on Sunset Boulevard it’s a pumpkin spice Snickerdoodle cookie topped with pumpkin Spice buttercream and pumpkin candies For 4.29 and check out the Candy Corn Milkshake you can get at Hollywood Scoops for 9.49 it’s a candy corn ice Cream shake topped with a vanilla cake Donut whipped cream spooky sprinkles and

Of course candy corn we actually tried This treat last year and loved it so Happy to see its return the Mickey mommy Cookie from Dockside Diner is a the Mickey shaped chocolate cookie with White chocolate mint frosting and two Eye sprinkles needless to say you’ll Need to be a fan of mint and chocolate To enjoy this one you can grab it for 3.99 pretty good deal ABC commissary got The Black Widow tart it’s a spiced milk Chocolate tart filled with orange curd Pomegranate molasses whipped cream Candied orange peel and a dark chocolate Spider for 5.49 there’s a lot going on Here the Halloween candy cookie at Pizza Rizzo surprised us for 429 you get a Sugar cookie pizza topped a strawberry Jam white chocolate Halloween candy and Sprinkles this is definitely our Favorite pizza at Pizza Rizzo and Finally the pumpkin moose arrived at the Trolley car Cafe for 6 29 this is a Pumpkin cheesecake with a cinnamon sugar Dusted apple cider cake a raspberry dark Chocolate stem and purple buttercream Again Lots going on here all right if You’re a milkshake lover you’re going to Want to check out this new milkshake at Beaches and cream at the beach club Resort this is the Halloween Shake which Is a pumpkin spice milkshake with Caramel and chocolate drizzle and Whipped cream it’s rimmed with icing and

Halloween sprinkles and finely topped With an entire vanilla cupcake that Looks like a pumpkin we got it for 15 The milkshake is absolutely delicious It’s got just the right amount of Pumpkin and gave us all the fall Vibes It’s definitely extravagant so you’ve Got to have a sweet tooth for this one However it’s really tasty and of course We love when they use that caramel with All the glitter in it it’s just really Pretty and you get the souvenir cup to Take home with you the only let down was The vanilla cupcake it was a bit dry Which is surprising because usually the Baked goods that they have on top of These fancy milkshakes are pretty good So that’s unfortunate maybe your mileage Will vary if you want all those spooky Pumpkin Vibes for the Halloween season This is a great option but if you’re not A pumpkin fan check out one of the other Specialty shakes on the menu instead I Think they’ve got Brownie and vanilla All right time to check out this new Figment head purse yep that’s right it’s Figment’s head but he’s also a purse the Inside of the bag also has a bunch of Figments on the prints like figment Section Harvey’s made the imaginative Accessory and it features a seat belt Crossbody strap that has the Epcot Pavilion symbol print all over it if you Want to wear figment as a purse you can

For 98 dollars we found them in creation Shop in Epcot if you’d rather have an Epcot bag that’s a little less well That’s not an imaginary animal’s head You can check out the Epcot logo tote Bag that Harvey’s has made for the 40th Anniversary comes with a rainbow bag Charm of figment and the printed side Has the same print we saw on the inside Of figment’s head you can get this bag For 178 dollars introducing the new Lounge fly Remy Ratatouille ears we Found these at Riverside Depot in Disney’s Animal Kingdom them we have a Feeling they can be pretty popular on The front of the ears you’ll find a bow Right in the center with a design that Has us feeling like we’re out in France Sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower on A beautiful picnic blanket in the center You’ll see a little nose and whiskers And Chef’s hats that’s of course Remy on One ear there are some strawberries and A bit of cheese and on the other side You’ll find Remy surrounded by grapes And cheese and on the back you’ll find More designs of cheese strawberries and Grapes they’re priced at 39.99 so been On the pricier side because they are Lounge fly but they could be a great Purchase for any foodie or Remy fan over At Creations shop in Epcot as well we Spotted the munchlings collection during Our visit we saw big plushes like the

Winnie the Pooh honey cake Minnie Mouse Cupcake Stitch upside down pineapple Cake and the Mickey Mouse cinnamon roll All for 34.99 buying the bigger sizes is The only way to choose what munchling You’ll get the smaller sizes only come In blind boxes and speaking of blind Boxes they have the baked treats Munchlings box that cost 16.99 and Features one of the baked munchlings Shown on the box there’s also the sweet Treat treats munchling there are also 16.99 and come with one of the sweeter Munchlings by the way do you guys know What munchlings are if you don’t they’re Basically a cross between squish Mallows And wishables so basically Disney Realized they made a lot of money from Noemos and wishables and they this is The next thing that you need to buy all Of them so that’s what they are and Finally they have the frozen treats Munchlings for 16.99 that’s got one of The Frozen bunchlings inside they’re not Actually Frozen they’re just Frozen Treat mentionings get it okay if you Can’t make it over to Epcot soon don’t Worry munchlings are available online if You’re a Disney Vacation Club member you Can now get the new Lounge fly Disney Vacation Club ears in Disney World these Are so vibrant they’re pink and blue and The ears have some fun DVC icons on them They also see Disney Vacation Club

Member on them so you can show off your Status the bow is made with a Leather-like material with the DVC logo In the middle so if you’re a DVC head on Over to Epcot and grab these we found Them at imageworks yep and the journey Into imagination Pavilion in for 39.99 Now while in Magic Kingdom this week we Spotted a pink Starbucks cup with shiny Polka dots all over the cup has the Starbucks logo on one side and Mickey Mouse on the other the Disney World logo Is written under the main Mouse most of This design is a matte pastel pink but The polka dots and Mickey shave are Shiny reflecting rainbow colors they Remind us of the iridescent color scheme For Disney World’s 50th Anniversary the Cup comes with a Twist on lid and a Reusable straw you can get it now for 29.99 we haven’t seen it online yet There are several other Disney Starbucks Cups available on shop Disney though if You’re looking for a new way to bring a Little Disney into your morning coffee Routine or your water routine now if After all that you’re still in the mood For more Disney news it’s time to sign Up for our newsletter it’s totally free Once you sign up we’ll send all the Latest news directly to your inbox the Link to sign up is in the description Below thanks for listening everyone and Thanks for watching as always this is AJ

For Disney food blog and we’ll see you Real soon

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