Ranking Every Pizza In Disney World

Fantasmic have been revealed, lots of new food and snacks and more and more price increases are popping up across the parks: music, hey everybody, it’s aj for disney food blog. We have big news this week, y’all it’s almost time to dream a fantastic dream with sorcerer mickey again soon, you’ll be able to step into the casita from encanto. Another disney parks, related movie has been announced and more let’s dive into the latest news, all right, everyone. It is time to dream a fantastic dream almost because disney has announced when the beloved nighttime spectacular fantasmic will be returning to disney’s hollywood studios well kind of we don’t know the exact date yet, but we do know it’s coming back in november and that’s next month, As we know, disney doesn’t like to give us dates for anything these days right disney said that an entire segment of the show will be replaced when it returns.

It will have new characters, stunt performers, animation and more, and the new show sequence will have disney characters. Like pocahontas aladdin, Mulan, moana and elsa, many disney parks fans have been waiting a long time. For this show to return, we can’t wait to get our butts on those benches.

It’S finally happening y’all. Next we’ve got a price increase on & nbspa popular disney, souvenir, refillable, mugs capture your moment photo shoots and iconic snacks all recently got more expensive in disney world, but the latest item that has been affected by price hikes might be one of the hardest hit. Many ears seem to have increased in price by five dollars. This price increase has mainly affected many ears that are the standard base price.

We haven’t seen a major difference in the price for lounge flyers or other designer options, but the ears that were previously 2990 design in the parks are now showing a 3499 price. We saw this change in the disney world parks and at the big world of disney gift shop in disney springs. However, it doesn’t seem to have changed the price for many years for sale online at shop disney right now. Many ears, besides designer ears, are still showing that 2999 price tag there.

So if you’ve got your eye and a new pair of mini ears, you may want to head to shop disney for now and buy them there, instead of in the parks. We’Ll keep an eye on it see if the price increase begins to affect the ears online. In the future, now here’s some fun news, disney’s going to be making a society of explorers.

An adventurers movie ryan reynolds is teaming up with qui gwen, the writer and director of disney’s upcoming strange world movie to make the film according & nbspto the hollywood reporter. The movie will be live action with gwen writing and reynolds producing it’s important to note that this movie is different than the disney plus series being made that’s based on the sca idea as well. The new movie will pursue alternative angles to sca mythology in present day by adding a new supernatural element to the story and following new characters not present in the original sca lore.

Ah so they’re changing the canon, if you’re unfamiliar with the society of explorers and adventurers. It began over in tokyo, disney sea now it’s a secret organization that you can find in disney parks all over the world. It was supposedly founded in 1538 during the time of the renaissance and age of exploration in italy. It contains explorers adventurers, scientists, artists and travelers.

You can find nods to the sca in a bunch of different disney parks like inside skipper, canteen at magic kingdom in that sca dining room now I think this is a super fun idea. I love the society of explorers and adventures, so i’m very interested to see how this is on the big screen. Let me know in the comments, your thoughts and, if that news made your heart skip a beat like it does mine then you’re. Clearly a certified disney fan and you should check out our exclusive line of fun disney teas if you & nbsphaven’t already, and maybe, if you have already, because we’ve got new ones in there.

Some of these are secretly subtle and some are showing off your disney fandom. For everyone, one we’ve designed some for the whole family from infants to adults. So if you’re taking a group to disney world this year or next year, these are perfect for everybody click.

The link in the description to check them out all right. We’Ve got some disney genie, plus price increases to talk about if you’re hoping to buy and use disney’s genie plus service get ready for those price bumps. On october 11th, the price was still 15 for jd plus, but on october 12th.

Suddenly it was 20 what’s going on well. Disney has now said that the price for genie plus each day will vary based on demand and busyness, so not only with those individual lightning lanes vary. You now have surge pricing on genie plus as a whole.

Disney indicated that now, through the end of october, the price would be 15 per person per day on less busy dates, and it is set to increase to 22 on some of the busier days and will be priced somewhere in between on other dates. Seems october 12th fell into one of those other dates. Categories note that disney explicitly did state that prices are subject to change beyond october, so we could see prices different & nbspthan.

Those provided in the examples disney has given over at disneyland disney genie plus jumped in price from 20 dollars per person per day to 25 dollars per person per day. Disney’S language about the price of genie plus was updated to say that the price starts at 25, but prices vary by date, but good news over at disney california adventures avengers campus web slingers, a spiderman adventure has been added to genie plus previously this ride was available Via individual lightning lane, meaning you had to pay an individual fee per ticket to skip the standby line, if you’re headed to disney world soon be sure to review those budgets and see how they may need to be adjusted to take these increases into account. Remember that the cost of genie plus will continue to change in disney world, depending on the date of your visit, and, unfortunately, you won’t know the price until you go into the app to try and make your purchase on the day of your visit, so be sure To give yourself enough wiggle room in the budget for that, if you’re still not 100 sure about genie plus don’t worry you’re, not alone, we got a whole playlist dedicated to genie and helping you understand this system go check it out after this video.

Alright, if you’re looking to book a character meal during your next disney world trip, it & nbspjust might cost you a little bit more to do that too. Three restaurants that offer character dining have recently received price increases over at disney’s animal kingdom. Tusker house is currently serving up in all you care to enjoy family style meal, that’s going to change when the restaurant switches back to a buffet on november.

1St that features mickey donald and friends dressed in their safari garb previously. Lunch and dinner were 55 per adult 36 per child, but that’s been increased to 59 per adult and 38 per child at disney’s hollywood studios you’ll also find yourself paying more at hollywood in vine, the lunch and dinner buffet pricing has increased to 59 as well, which Was previously 55 and children are still going to cost 38. Finally, storybook dining with snow white at artist point got a price increase too. This wilderness lodge character meal features, snow, white, dopey, grumpy and the evil queen, and previously the price was 60 dollars for adult 39 per kid now, you’re paying 65 per adult.

Instead children’s price stays the same for now. Now price increases are pretty common in october, especially on food. We see la lots and lots and lots of price increases across the board in october, so we were kind of expecting this, but still it’s, always a hit to the budget need help planning your meals.

For your & nbspupcoming, disney world vacation, or maybe trying to figure out how to get around all those price increases, be sure to check out our complete guide to disney world dining everything you could ever want to know about disney world dining is in this guide. It’S got indepth dining reviews, restaurant photos, scavenger hunts, our personal recommendations, everything you need to know, plus it’s got lots of discount information how to find those hidden secret discounts how to get money off certain meals. Lots of details on how to combat all those price increases in the dfb guide to walt disney world dining go check it out on dfbstorecom use code youtube for a discount on that as well by the way it’s a 100 money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, if it doesn’t work for you, we give you your money back.

No questions asked all right. Moving on to the next piece of news mark your calendars disneylanders, because magicband plus is officially coming to the west coast on october 26, 2022 plus, beginning on october 19th, eligible magic key holders cast members and disney vacation club members will be some of the first to Be able to purchase magic band plus at disneyland resort from select locations with their regular discounts as well. So what can we expect from magic man plus at disneyland so far & nbspwe, know it’s going to interact with certain entertainment at avengers, campus and california. Adventure it’ll? Also interact with the new nighttime shows coming to disneyland like world of color one and wondrous journeys when it debuts in january 2023, not to mention you’ll, be able to play the batu bounty hunters game over in star wars galaxy’s edge 2.

The bands will at first be available in 18 different colors and designs, including five exclusive disneyland resort prints, though the bands will work at both disneyland and disney world previous versions. The old magic band will not work at disneyland resort, though so you’re going to have to have magic. Man plus reservations are now open for disney’s, 100th anniversary event, previously disney had caused theme park, reservations and ticket purchases for disneyland and disney california, adventure from january 9th onward.

But now that has changed, looks like tickets and reservations are available for the 100th anniversary in disneyland. When we check the theme park reservation calendar, it showed that the parks were available to book through february 10 2023. There was availability for both parks on the first day of the 100th anniversary celebration at that time january 27th.

When our team went to book tickets to see if this was possible, we & nbspwere able to add tickets to our cart. However, from what we’ve seen so far looks like disneyland magic key holders are only able to book through january 11th at this time. Don’T know if that’s a glitch or what but right now I can’t book a park fast past january 11th. The rest of january was not available for booking, for me and february was also not open.

Yet for me as a magic key holder, so reservations appear to be available on january 27th. Only for those who will be purchasing a disneyland park ticket. We will continue to work on this system and see what’s going on if you’re hoping to be in disneyland.

For the kickoff of anniversary, we do recommend booking your tickets. Soon. We saw availability run out quickly for the start of the 50th anniversary in disney world last year, and we’re expecting a similar situation for disneyland’s event. Remember that you’ll need tickets and park pass reservations to enter the parks.

All right, it’s already been announced at disney’s, boardwalk inn is getting some big changes and those changes have started to roll out. We took a trip to bellevue lounge at disney’s, boardwalk in and noticed something new. This lesser known, lounge is open for a continental style.

Breakfast from 7am to 11 am serving pastry, cereal and beverages and in the evenings you can go from 5 pm to & nbsp11 pm for drinks and just a general chill atmosphere. I love this lounge, but what’s different. Take a look at the furniture for context.

This is what the bellevue lounge used to look like and here’s what it looks like now, instead of dark plaid sofas and floral armchairs and wicker everywhere. There are now more modern sofas and shades of blue green with some armchairs and a coordinating print and others in a complimentary shade of light brown. So maybe this is giving us a vibe of how they’re going to revamp the whole hotel. They said they’re going to be like ocean inspired, colors and stuff like that and i’m definitely seeing some water and sand.

Now there are lots of tables and chairs for you to sit down and rest with your coffee or cocktail and zero proof. Cocktails are debuting at the lounge as well. You can check out our review of the new cocktails on our website and i’ve, even linked it for you below.

This is only the beginning. Next up, pluto’s, pumpkin pursuit hello need something entertaining for your kids to do. While you eat around the world showcase in epcot, then let me introduce you to pluto’s pumpkin pursuit. The goal of this new scavenger hunt is to spot all the disney themed pumpkins around the park.

You can purchase your game board from select stores for 999 & nbspit’s. The same ones, you usually can like gateway gifts, and you can go to creation shop port of entry. World traveler on your board is a map of different locations and hints about where you can find pumpkins around epcot once you find all of them and mark where they are in your card using the stickers provided, you can return to where you bought the card to Redeem your prize heads up, though you can also redeem your prize literally when you pick up the scavenger hunt, because you already paid for it. There are three prize options which are mini: trickortreat, pumpkins they’re, complete with a handle and mickey ears to choose from yellow orange or green.

In addition to being a cute, halloween decoration, it also says pluto’s pumpkin pursuit on the back. This scavenger hunt will be available from now through october 31st or, however long supplies last all right, we’ve all seen in kanto. I know we don’t talk about bruno, but have you ever wanted to step inside the casita? Well soon, you can just recently disney announced a new immersive experience, touring the us and canada, where guests are going to be able to step into their favorite disney movies, which, speaking of if you haven’t seen that announcement watch our latest news video from last week, because It sounds really: cool disney has announced that they are partnering with camp to let guests step into the world of encanto and explore the casita and the rooms of the family magical, like other similar exhibits guests will have to buy tickets for a specific date and admission Time each ticket gives guests an hour to explore the home of la familia madrigal from the secret passageways to the floral and rainforest wonderlands of isabella’s and antonio’s rooms. Bruno’S room is there too, but hopefully you don’t have to climb all those stairs.

The experience will first be available in new york, but the camp website notes that the experience will head to other locations soon. The new york city exhibit opened on october 13th at a last through early 2023 when it comes to live characters. Camp notes that guests will only be able to see and interact with characters through digital animation. So don’t necessarily expect to see bruno in person, but if you’ve got some little ones who love and kanto, this could be a really fun thing to do and who doesn’t want to go to new york city in october, it’s beautiful there all right give kids the World is a nonprofit resort in central florida that provides free vacations to critically ill children and their families, and this year in partnership with island h2o water park in kissimmee florida.

The water park will be transformed for the months of november and december as they host the night of a million lights. The event has been held at the give kids the world village in the past, but has been relocated this year due to an influx of wish, families in the village guests will be able to watch a brand new dancing light show on a fivestory water slide visit An interactive activity space interact with performers and visit with santa himself. The event begins on friday november 11th and lasts through sunday january 1st 2023 it’s, going to run every night from 6 pm to 10 pm.

With staggered entry times for guests, you can get tickets now, on the give kids, the world website proceeds from night of a million lights will go to give kids the world to help them continue to provide those wonderful vacations for those kids and their families. If you’ve been missing that osborne family spectacle of dancing lights and have been looking for some kind of light display to visit, this might be a fun thing to check out in orlando all, while helping out a great cause and in special disney food blog news. Yes, I am inserting fun dfb news in here, because I think you would like to know a couple. People on my team are competing in a super fun disney world scavenger hunt that’s right we’re having & nbspa friendly competition with our pals over at allearsnet.

You should all go watch. You know bria my scriptwriter, her video against all ears fry bucket came out yesterday, i’m actually about to go. Watch it after I record this gosha bria some support and there’s more to come.

So keep watch at all ears channel next up disney has announced the reopening date of monsieur paul in epcot’s france pavilion. This fancy, french restaurant will return on tuesday october 18. 2022.

As we know, this did close with the coveted closures in 2020 has not been open. Since y’all, so it’s been a couple years and that’s not all monsieur paul, restaurant will also be reopening with a brand new prefix menu. The gastronomic meal of the french. According to an instagram post from the france pavilion, this post says this menu is one in which people devote themselves to the art of eating and drinking.

Well, you can go online and make reservations for the reopening spot right now, but do be aware of some rules that come with dining at the restaurant. Monsieur paul is a very fancy table service restaurant, so they have a strict cancellation policy. If you need to cancel your reservation, you must do so by phone or email at least 72 hours, in advance of your reservation. If you do not cancel at least 72 hours in advance or fail to show up to your & nbspreservation, you will be charged a hundred dollars per person.

Cancellation fee eating here also require wears a dress code. This is a signature, dining experience, so guests are expected to dress in a tire that adheres to the restaurant’s, sophisticated and upscale aesthetic. Your clothing should be clean neat and in good condition, they also do not allow for swimwear. Finally, there is an age limit to dine here.

Guests must be at least 10 years old to eat at monster, paul right now, that’s brand new by the way go ahead and book your reservation. Now, if you would like to dine here soon, because reservations are sure to book up quickly, people will be excited to finally be back at a restaurant. That’S been closed for over two years now.

Disney has also announced that several new menu items would be coming to certain restaurants at the disney world, hotels and, of course, we went and ate all of it. First stop is the enchanted rose at disney’s, grand floridian resort and spa. There are quite a few new items on this menu, including a new charcuterie board made with duck braziola, serrano ham, sobrasata tomato jam, corny shawn, citrus mustard, pickled carrots, olive crostini and grissini for 22, and a new artisanal cheese selection that includes four chefs selected tasting portions Honeycomb quince paste apricot jam & nbsppumpkin seed, brittle and cranberry bread for 19 there’s, a new hummus dip as well, which is served with a tapenade smoked, paprika and grilled pita bread for twelve dollars.

Now, if you’re feeling fancy and have I don’t know, an extra 115 bucks laying around you can try the new caviar dish, which includes siberian caviar and egg yolk, spread creme, fraiche, caper, berries and brioche. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen caviar on the menu at this lounge. Although this particular dish is new and yes, it really does cost 115.

Moving on to the next hotel, disney’s riviera resort, we’re at bar riva, there are five new menu items: there’s the burrata salad, which was heirloom tomatoes, fresh pesto and focaccia bread for 1599. The salmon with orzo, which is seared salmon with pomodrachio top and nod, and lemon orzo for 2099. The mushroom arantini made with risotto, mushroom cheese and truffle served with house made marinara for 1299 it’s pretty good deal.

And the last item is the molten chocolate cake for 729 it’s, a war, warm chocolate cake with a molten center, topped with a raspberry sauce and fresh raspberries, and, as you can see, it looks absolutely stunning now. We’Ve, of course, got full reviews for all of that stuff on the blog already, so definitely go check out those full reviews. Finally, there are some new breakfast items over & nbspat roaring fork at disney’s. Wilderness lodge the new items over here are the meat and potatoes quiche for 899, which has broccoli, potatoes, bacon ham and gouda.

Cheese comes with a side of potatoes, peppers and onions. Next, the vegetable lovers quiche also for 899, includes cheddar potatoes, broccoli, peppers, onions, leeks, green peas and fresh herbs. The warm freshly baked blueberry cinnamon roll is 899 that includes fresh blueberries and blueberry cream cheese, frosting and finally, the warm grizzly bear claw for 999.

This thing is absolutely massive by the way, so this for under ten dollars is absolutely incredible. You can totally share this with your family. It’S served warm and has mixed nuts and raisin filling. There are new lunch items and new dessert items that we ate as well.

If you want to know more about a specific menu, I item I just listed head to our website at disneyfoodblogcom, where we have our full reviews posted now. Connections. Cafe and eatery is one of epcot’s newest restaurants and a popular spot to grab some quick food.

If you’re in the front of the park recently, some other menu has changed. This is what the meatball pizza originally looked like back in april, the meatballs were huge and the pizza also came with a small mediterranean side salad for 1099. The & nbspcrust was also pretty thick on this one. Now, when you order the meatball pizza, you get two slices of pizza and no side salad for 1099.

This pizza is made with beef and pork meatballs, san marzano, tomato basil, sauce and a cheese blend. The meatballs are smaller now we found them to be juicy, but not greasy, and there were still some big pieces of meat. We thought overall, the meatball pizza was pretty decent, best pizza ever no, but pretty decent by the way.

If you haven’t watched our ranking every pizza in disney world video, you should go watch that because they changed this pizza like at the last minute when we were recording when we were recording that video. So this kind of threw us for a loop but definitely go check it out, it’s a really good video. We also ordered the five cheese pizza for 1049 made with san marzano tomato basil, sauce and a cheese blend. We thought this was not the best slice we’ve had in disney world, not the worst either.

If you go watch the video you’ll see where it lands in our ranking. Both pizzas have a thinner crust than in the past, which was cooked well and nice and crispy, and they each had a good amount of cheese. These are more like new york style. Slices cornmeal can be found on the bottom of the slices, but it wasn’t so much that it interfered with the flavor of the slice and, like I & nbspsaid, don’t forget to go watch our pizza, ranking video it’s really really helpful and i’ll link it for you.

In the description, disney has been really upping their plantbased food item game lately, and we are all here for that. This week we found even more plantbased options from scat cat’s club at disney’s. Port orleans resort french quarter.

First, up are the sassy sassagula sliders, which feature three sliders with three distinct flavor profiles: spicy, sweet and savory, the three s’s; and yes, they really are bringing the sass. As their name suggests, they are 12. First slider we tried was the spicy one when we say spicy we mean spicy it’s made with fried green tomatoes and pepper jelly and it’s. Certainly more advice than some disney world guests might expect.

So just consider yourself warned, but if you love spicy food you’ll like this one there’s a hint of sweetness coming from that fried green tomato, but this one is just about bringing the heat. The slaw adds a bit of crunch too. Second, one we tried was the savory slider. This one was immediately.

Our favorite has lots of garlicky salty flavor that nearly brought tears of joy to our eyes, it’s a quoteunquote fish cake with spicy, remoulade and arugula, and it reminded us of a mcdonald’s big mac. But with seafood flavors, but this lighter is very salty & nbspthe, pickled red onions also add a nice tanginess to it. Finally, we dug into that sweet, slider, it’s, a barbecue jackfruit sandwich with fried pickles and slaw, and a sweet barbecue sauce.

The fried pickles, which were nice and crispy, got a little lost by the flavor and texture of the jackfruit, and we would have liked more of them and we could eat those fried pickles on their own too. So disney might need to add these to the menu we also stopped in to grab some plantbased beignets, because why not what’s great about these? Is that they’re good for people with pretty much any kind of food allergy? You do get an option to get one of three sauces, but we opted to just enjoy, enjoy the beignets as is – and that was a great decision. They are delicious and don’t need any kind of sauce at all.

They were drowned in powdered sugar. The only way to eat beignets right, they were huge and we would totally get these again. All right. We found another fall themed treat this week, a nice refreshing one, because you know it’s still super hot in florida over at pineapple lanai at disney’s, polynesian, village resort.

You can find the not so scary pumpkin soft serve. The treat is made with pumpkin spice flavored soft serve and coconut hapia with caramel drizzle, graham cracker crumbs and a white chocolate. Mickey shaped pumpkin in case & nbspyou don’t know happier is a hawaiian coconut pudding. So there’s a lot going on in here and it’s very, very cool.

I like that it’s, not just here’s a cup of saucer right, the pumpkin ice cream was very flavorful, but not overwhelming. We think even people who don’t love pumpkin will like this, because the fall spices were the main event here. We also thought the caramel drizzle on top was a very nice touch.

We just wanted more of it. The white chocolate mickey on top was, you know, fine, it’s, just garnish, and we did find some flaws with this one. We thought the hapio was was an odd thing to mix with that pumpkin ice cream.

We weren’t a fan of the texture. So if different textures bother you, we probably won’t like that part of the treat we also weren’t a huge fan of the graham crackers only because when the ice cream melted, which is inevitable, the crackers got soggy. So if you want to give this a try, you can head to pineapple lanai grab it for 549 it’ll be available until october 31st and overall props for being something different, but some of the differences didn’t quite work. Next up, we’ve got the spiced caramel apple cocktail.

It’S a returning drink at hollywood studios that has fireball cinnamon whiskey, apple cider, cranberry, unsalted caramel for 15. It also comes with a festive mickey mouse glow cube & nbspthe, drink tasted, just like apple cider to us, it’s, not super heavy on the booze flavor, and you really can only taste the whiskey, a teeny, tiny bit just adds a little bit of a kick overall. It was a nice, warm apple, cider flavor, with some cinnamon and caramel notes, even though this is big on the fall flavors, though it’s still a good drink to get on a hot date, because it’s pretty refreshing, and if you get that adorable mickey mouse glow cube, You can take that home with you and use it in some fall drinks that you can talked in your own kitchen. If you want a refreshing cocktail that gives you the fall vibes.

This is a good choice, but obviously, if you don’t, like apple cider, don’t buy it, we got our drink over at abc commissary in hollywood studios, but it can also be found at other locations around the park. Like backlot express hollywood, brown, derby, lounge, oasis, canteen, pizzerizzo, rosie’s allamerican, cafe sunshine day bar and tune in lounge, get it until october 31st. Next there’s, now a hocus pocus black flame petite cake at amorous patisserie in disney springs it’s made with devil’s food biscuit apricot jam. Brandy, simple syrup, caramel, mousse and candied pecan crunch.

First, we got ta applaud. This fondant fondant can sometimes taste just like a sugary paste, but here it’s very light and not & nbspoverpowering at all. We actually felt like it added something to the cake, rather than just being there for decoration. We also really enjoyed the pecans, which added a nice crunch or pecans.

If you’d like me to call it pecan the chocolate flavors were delicious. It was an overly chocolatey which can be a problem with some chocolate, focused desserts. This scariest part of this snack isn’t the designer flavors, though it’s, of course, that price tag to eat this you’re going to have to fork out 22 bucks that’s how much they cost over there at amarettes.

Is it worth the high price that’s something you’ll have to decide? We will say it was at least one of the better fondant covered cakes we’ve had here it is rich enough to share, but it’s definitely pricey. This one will also be available through october 31st. So if you want to try it, you have less than a month to head over, there want to eat another candle in disney world yep.

You can do that. Gasparilla island grill at grand floridian resort has that black flame candle cake as well it’s significantly cheaper to 799. This one is a vanilla sponge cake with caramel buttercream and white chocolate ganache, not the most exciting cake we’ve ever had, but pretty delightful and at a much cheaper price. It might be a snack with a cost.

You can & nbspbetter justify as part of your budget there’s a new dome cake in disney world we’re heading on over to gaston’s tavern in magic kingdoms, fantasyland to try it. The pluto dome cake is a glutenfriendly peanut butter mousse with a chocolate ganache center. On top of a flourless chocolate cake for 829, first of all, let us just say we’re glad to see pluto getting some love here. We love the little chocolate ears on top of the cake and his signature.

Green color is represented here too, but how does this thing taste? Well, if you like chocolate, this is going to be for you. It was definitely chocolate forward. We didn’t really get too much of a peanut butter flavor from the mousse just more chocolate. In fact, we didn’t really taste any peanut butter at all.

This cake is sweet, though very sweet we’d suggest splitting it because after a few bites, we’re ready to call our dentist. The gelatin dome covering the cake is pretty gummy and doesn’t really add anything in terms of flavor it’s. Just you know, pluto, yellow and the green icing at the bottom was also on the sweet side and stained our hands. We did enjoy the crispy pearls at the bottom as they added a nice crunch to the cake, which was essentially just one.

Consistency throughout the flourless cake at the bottom was delicious and not too sweet, but it was & nbspreally, a thin layer, and we wish there had been more to balance out that sweetness from the rest of the pluto dome cake. This would be good for kids or anyone who loves sweet, sweet desserts or pluto fans and sorry peanut butter fans. If you, you were hoping for an explosion of peanut butter flavor here, that’s not what we got all right. A shop is missing from disney springs.

We were taking a stroll through the springs recently when we noticed that something was missing from its usual spot and it turns out. The dress. Shop is closed in disney springs.

Sort of over inside the marketplace. Coop in disney springs, you’ll find a whole host of smaller specialty shops under one roof like wunderground gallery on the dress shop on cherry tree lane, or at least you used to be able to find the dress shop there cast members told us that the dress shop Was moving to another store in the marketplace, area of disney springs trendy and that something new would be taking its place inside the coop. The cast members didn’t share any details about what would be installed here, but we did notice some new national geographic signage nearby we’ve. Seen some more price increases on galaxy’s edge merch, so lately we’ve been seeing price increases across the parks and now two popular experiences in star wars, galaxy’s edge, have been added to the & nbsplist.

Looking to build your own custom droid at droid depot. You can but be prepared to spend more on it now review. Obviously, the build your own droid experience at droid depot was 9999 plus tax.

Now the disney world website notes that the price is 11999 plus tax. If you’re a lightsaber person be prepared to spend more on that too, at savi’s workshop, you can build your own custom lightsaber. This experience used to be 19999 and that increased to 21999 back in april of 2021.

Now things have changed again. The disney world website now notes that the price for this build your own lightsaber experience is 24999. This still includes the lightsaber and carrying case, keep in mind that disney does explicitly know that the prices for these experiences are subject to restrictions or change, be sure to check for the latest updates ahead of your trip and remember a really easy way to check.

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