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[Music] In this video we’re bringing you another Tent review of the unigear space dome 2. This is a tent that we are super excited To test out let’s go [Music] Okay so the sp the space stone 2 is i It’s it’s i don’t know how to categorize This actually so it is a little bit Heavy and it is a a little chunkier than Uh then i would call a backpacking tent Although it is for two people so i don’t Know we’re gonna have to set it up and See but it comes with all of our normal Uh all the normal things that we do look For when it comes to a good tent like a Good quality nylon A rain fly vestibule it comes with all These great things at least i saw the Product the product The product brochure and it looked Amazing so let’s get it all set up and See what all the features are [Music] [Music] [Music] Good [Music] The tenth setup is fairly standard the Tent itself comes with three pieces your Tent your rain fly and your poles [Music] The aluminum poles are the quick snap Ones which we absolutely love makes it

Nice and easy to put them together now Really important we messed this up on The first go the poles do need to go Through the slots at the top of the tent And they do criss-cross on either side Once you’ve got those in there you Simply put the clasps along those tent Poles [Music] Additionally this tent comes with two Side poles that allow the tent to open Up on the top portion to give you more Headspace we’ll share a little bit more About that a little later in the video [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Okay so the setup of the tent took Well i guess we’re not completely done Yet but uh to get up to this point it Was like five minutes and like three Mistakes um these tent poles do have to Go through which is one of the things i Don’t enjoy as much but it’s not a deal Breaker um the great things that we look For in tents i love these buckles these Buckles make uh attaching the rain Rainfly such a breeze i love these um we Have this on our marmot tent and we love It Um i do want to pull the rainfly off for A second to show a really cool feature Of the space dome tent which is right

Over here so we’re gonna see this when We go in but uh This tent does come up like this on the Side giving a lot more headroom and Elbow space uh because the tent doesn’t Collapse down on you so the way that This stays up is with these Metal buckles that is tied to the inside Of the fly And To The To the mesh portion [Music] Uh tia called it i was excited about These steaks now they are just aluminum But usually um we do see cheaper steaks That is just made out of a piece of bent Aluminum these have a better shape to it Giving a structural integrity normally i Would recommend buying new steaks for Any uh for any new tent but These are actually really nice i i do Quite like them [Music] [Music] So finishing up without talking about The stakes as i finish staking the thing Down i love the fact that it’s red You can you can see it really easily in The ground like that Which is actually a really great feature We tend to lose these sometimes Especially when they’re metal colored

And once they get dusty it really really Hides itself so the fact that this is Red it’s actually really great [Music] All right tia you ready to get in She’s nodding So this is her door And we’re gonna have another look on the Other side The space uh space dome two has two Doors so you can easily get in and out And actually means that you have a Smaller vestibule on one side to keep All your gear dry and also on the other We’ll see you inside [Music] Hmm [Music] Okay My turn to talk So For a two-person tent holy moly this Extra headroom is a game changer This is definitely a unique design we Have yet to see this in any tents that We own and have used Um Wow is what i can say right now um Definitely this these crossbars that They have going across that kind of push The tent out at the top Gives you so much more headspace so much More i wish i could actually like show It properly

[Music] Yeah this is really nice so like i said This tent is a little bit chunkier and The fact that there is So much more headspace does add to the Bulk but i personally actually think This is a really great um even one Person bike packing tent you don’t Necessarily want to take this hiking With you it is chunky you’ll take up Space in your bag But if you’re putting on a bike and you Have two people this is not too bad Would you carry this i would carry this Absolutely And just for like our everyday camping Um I would carry this as well this is like A nice good size when it’s just me and You and we’re going on a quick trip Somewhere Like today like today All right so this is definitely not Something that we would choose a tent Over it’s just a nice bonus so the Universe space dome 2 comes in three Color options and we got the beautiful Citrus yellow you can see it is very Bright and cheery in here even though It’s not that sunny outside um again This is color is totally not any sort of Game changer that allows us to you know Not choose a tent over another one but Um it’s definitely a nice added bonus

All right now that we’ve explored the Space a little bit let’s talk about some Of the features now there isn’t a lot Like one of these uh these uh base camp Tents that you’re going to get So this is a bonus actually because it Will reduce the weight but it does come With some handy dandy hooks that uh that Is available for you so I personally would use something like This to hang My glasses we’ll use this sunglasses as Uh As the prop here and also in the middle Which is really great for hanging your Light so it does come with one two and Then the same on the other side last but Not least the little mesh pocket right Over here this is something that usually Comes with every tent but it’s always Good to see that there is one i we Usually put our phones in here and just Stuff that we don’t want to get lost The next feature that i want to talk About is the vestibules on this tent Vestibules are something that doesn’t Come on every single tent that you buy And we definitely have tents where we Don’t have vestibules and it kind of Sucks because when you have some of your Outdoor gear outdoor shoes and stuff you Have to kind of bring them inside which Makes the tent really crowded number one Especially in a two-person tent

And it can also make it very messy in Here or wet if it’s raining which if you Followed along for a while you know we Always get caught in the rain So like andy mentioned earlier this tent Has two different vestibule styles which Is absolutely phenomenal i’m going to Talk about the bigger one first so If i open this up here You can see right now it’s nicely rolled Up makes it nice and easy when you want To get in and out of the tent if you’re Not actually using it to store things or If it’s not raining Very Simple to undo here it’s these basic Clasps that you see on any tent Okay so the vestibule has come down this One you can see is a double-sided zipper We love these makes it easier again to Get in and out if you need more space This vestibule zips down on both sides And that’s another nice feature that we Like because you don’t always have to Undo the whole thing to get in and out Of the tent So oftentimes what we’ll do is Because this is the bigger vestibule we Might keep like our shoes and boots and Outdoor kind of gear on the one side Here And then we’ll only unzip one side to Get in and out of the tent so it’s just Another way that we keep our stuff nice

And dry You do stake it on an angle so if it Does rain that rain is going to roll Right off the tent [Music] So just to show you the full space here This is the vestibule um completely Closed on both sides of the zipper Coming on the other side of the tent i’m Going to show you the other vestibule so Let’s open up this door You remind me one of those uh uh one of Those like 90s commercials Over here we’ve got vestibule number one And behind door number 202 we’ve got a Two zippered vestibule Something like that Okay So This is a single zipper vestibule And it also stakes out right in the Middle now this one’s interesting Because the zipper goes Quite far around so you can see A little more space to get in and out on This side as well And it gives you that other little cubby Here to store more things so like andy Said if we were bike packing this would Be a really great tent For all of our bike packing gear because We usually have to take Our bags off the bikes and keep them out Of the rain we’ve got lots of space to

Do that here so really great for that If you’re going on a short backpacking Trip you could even maybe try and bring This along it is a little bit heavier But I don’t know the space that this tent Gives is quite nice Very standard feature of most tents We’ve got the ventilation feature you Just unvelcro it Grab the little stick or pull here And velcro that in You’ll get some nice ventilation in and Out of the tent here Also one on the other side [Music] All right so the other thing about this Um tent design that i haven’t seen Before is the carrying case um and Because they’ve done this style first of All it makes it a little more Lightweight it actually makes it easier To pack so there isn’t a zipper on this You can see the tent is already there And the way that you close up the bag is There’s actually a drawstring So You can pull the drawstring as tight as You want there and then you hook these Latches And it makes it nice and easy for Carrying and you don’t have to fight With the bag to take the tent in and out It’s a pretty cool design

So what do you think I’m excited to sleep in this tent Tonight i know we just packed it back Away but we’re gonna have to put it back Up so we can actually sleep yeah there’s Tons of rooms i see uh Really great innovation actually things That i haven’t really seen before on the Market maybe i’m just you know outdated On my tent technologies i don’t know but I really like the fact that there’s Extra headroom and i love the fact that I don’t have to roll over you to get in And out or vice versa Well that wraps up a review of the Unigear space dome 2 tent uh if you are Interested in this tent we do have a Link in the description below check it Out you can actually order this directly On amazon get it shipped to you asap so You can go camping in this awesome tent [Music] You

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