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It’s been a lot of long days a long long Night are you crying already i even got In my bag [Music] [Applause] [Music] Meeting up with loved ones isn’t always Easy especially when you live in Different parts of the country we’re Doing this whole long distance thing and It’s hard i have not had a girls trip in A really long time i’m so excited So we’re providing people with inspiring Stories an unforgettable opportunity to Reconnect with each other while Exploring a new destination somewhere in Between [Music] This is meet me in the middle Hey travel and leisure my name is rutha And i’m from l.a i’m currently a Graduate student at emory university in Atlanta georgia my boyfriend jason is The person i want to meet in the middle Jason lives in los angeles california we Now have been a long distance couple for About 10 months i want to reconnect with Her because i miss the times we used to Have with each other Um it’s never a dull moment where that’s Where she’s my girlfriend my best friend You know my little baddie my little boo Thing i met jason at san diego state University and undergrad before my move

To atlanta we used to see each other so Frequently i love traveling with jason He just Brings a level of home with him it’s Been around six long months i am always Counting down the days until i can see Him again this distance is killing me Hey jason and ruda thanks for sharing Your story we know long distance can be Tough so travel and leisure would love To help you two meet in the middle Let’s go So excited thank you The two or you are going to be meeting In the middle In austin texas Oh my gosh [Music] Riding early out here in los angeles i’m On my way to austin texas to go meet up With my girlfriend in the middle and i’m Currently in the atlanta georgia airport And i’m headed to austin texas so i just Landed i get my bags right the car head Over to the hotel and i’m so excited to See him it’s gonna be an exciting time Let’s get to it I’ve never been to austin I knew it was a big foodie town up and Coming a lot of people aren’t moving Here It’s beautiful The whole lobby area living room area i Was like wow

The room is amazing it’s huge views in Every corner I’m obsessed and i don’t want to leave I’m finishing up my ape class Dissertation it is focusing on maternal Health outcomes within the black Community i have been in the books i Have not had a vacation in a while i Haven’t seen my boyfriend i’ve been Extremely busy and stressed this is the First long distance anything i’ve been In i’m most excited [Music] Oh my god [Music] Why are you wearing white you know what I’m gonna get makeup for you put your Face on me i will Oh no i’m so nervous i feel like i Haven’t seen you forever Thank you for the flowers Give a vase for some water you see this But right here Let’s toast to us you know it’s been a While since we’ve seen each other Um you know congrats in school you’ve Done so well you may be proud it’s been A lot of long days a long long night are You crying already i even got in my bag I love you you know you’re beautiful i Love us i’m glad i got a chance to see Each other i can’t i can’t think Hey yeah you know i’m glad we got this Opportunity to meet in the middle we’re

Gonna have a good weekend yes we’re Gonna turn up we’re gonna celebrate We’re gonna enjoy life cheers Give me a kiss That was too nice you didn’t have to go All out like that cool and austin We just got a text from the team at Travel and leisure It says hey love birds welcome to austin Tomorrow morning you will work up an Appetite with a hike to the top of mount Vernell afterwards you’ll head out on a Pedicab tour of the city’s finest food Trucks while passing through austin’s Famous 6th street you’ll cap off the Night back at the hotel vanzant with a Drink at the rooftop bar we hope you Have a texas-sized appetite for fun from The team at travel and leisure [Music] We’re at mount bonnell which is the Highest peak in austin texas as you get To the top there’s a nice beautiful view There’s beautiful houses there’s lakes People have their boats out there on the Other side they have downtown and the Skyline so it’s just overall dope view It’s a cool little workout very hot out Here but it’s a good time [Music] Hello guys hey hi hi good well my name Is danny i’m going to be your tour group And this is where we’re riding in um Have you guys ever been in the pedigree

Before oh no it’s our first time all Right so even more excited for me we’re Going to go around Some really good food trucks and then We’re gonna do some of the best spots Here in austin so i hope you guys are Ready for it thank you all right All right let’s do this [Music] Put your hands in it’s like a roller Coaster [Music] This is spartan spring the pool is on This side The water is 68 degrees all year long so Right now it’s pretty fresh uh but in The winter it’s basically a warm water The lime Wow [Music] So right now guys we’re at the lake this Is the main one the one that connects Everything people love the Paddleboarding you get to experience the River and the true day life in austin You get to see the whole downtown so Definitely Good vibes [Music] My name is liz my mom and aunt run bear Crews unnatural food trucks are Everywhere here it’s part of the culture Here in austin they’re really about Making something different something

Special This is family ran business latina run Three generations my grandmother my mom Auntie and i work here they came here in 99 so they they crossed the border in 99 And you know the idea of the american Dream is always there We’re very about our culture you know And our community so we definitely love The east side you’re going to have a Great time also it’s a great city enjoy Yeah That conversation was actually really Great it was really inspirational to Hear about how she you know was also First generation or how her family Immigrated here from mexico and then Started this business it was really cool To see how they like took Entrepreneurship made it their own and They’re like now thriving throughout Texas This is six so we’re about to hit six Guys All this at night becomes something else Either you’re hungry or you’re wanna Party you got everything here [Music] [Applause] [Music] I love the art Listen to black women yes Listen read that jason i love it Danny thank you for driving us around

Austin it’s a great way to see the city You’re very welcome guys thank you give You the rest of the trip thank you [Music] Hi how are you just fine thank you for Coming to sassy’s i’m excited to be here I’m gonna go with the greens as well as The soul bowl Okay the jerk chicken wings And the hot lemon pepper wings as well Okay And cornbread as well and hot water Cornbread yes just order everything on The map I’m excited This is uh east austin which is the Historically black area of austin Sassy’s vegetarian soul food’s been open About three years i Started eating a more vegan healthy Lifestyle and i didn’t have a location In austin that had uh soul food a lot of Sofa traditionally isn’t vegan or Vegetarian black-eyed peas are have Always been vegan greens have always Been vegan unless you put that fat back In So the whole secret to it is maintaining Uh the flavor just keep it savory And Keep it interesting type of flavors hey What we have here is the soul bowl Great food this is a Vegan soul plate for sure

This is our famous cajun mac and cheese [Music] [Music] What’s your favorite part of the day i Think That’s hard Probably sassy vegetarian i love Learning more about just the black Community in austin how it came about And how she was like balancing healthy Food with soul food that’s really cool Cheers to a great day in austin creating More memories and new experiences and Spending time together Cheers [Music] It’s our itinerary for tomorrow that’s What we got Ruta and jason we hope you had a Wonderful day together and hope you’re Ready for more adventure because Tomorrow you’ll be heading down to lady Bird lake for kayaking fun Followed by geraldine’s for sunday jazz Brunch oh they know the vibes You’ll end the fairy tale weekend at Fiesta for an unforgettable romantic Dinner enjoy your evening and we’ll see You in the morning xoxo the team at Travel and leisure can’t wait It’s been great it’s been blissful Creating new memories with jason and Being here in austin for the first time Has been really fun

[Music] Welcome growing doc guys how are we Doing today good how are you very good So first question has anyone ever Kayaked before i have never kayaked Never cry it’s okay how about you a very Long time ago okay wonderful well we’re Gonna have a great time i’ve got some Super stable boats for you guys i’m Gonna help you get into the boats i’m Gonna give you a couple of quick paddle Tips uh then we’re gonna head downtown And see austin from the water all right Sound good okay awesome let’s go It feels natural I should have been doing this years ago Don’t hit me Wait wait wait why are you doing this So i feel like i’ve heard it being used Interchangeably when referring to this Body of water it’s either a lake or a River what’s the proper term for it so Technically it’s both uh it is part of The texas colorado river um but it’s Damned on both sides and so this Specific portion is considered a lake What’s really cool about the spot that We’re in right now is that you can Really see a lot of the key parts of Austin so you’ve got ladybird lake You’ve got barton springs barton springs Pool you’ve got the lady bird lake hike And bike trail you’ve got all of your Downtown uh really awesome cultural

You’ve got your super fun places to eat Lots of outdoor things because it feels Like you’re a little bit in the middle Of nowhere but you’re so close to all These awesome experiences Hey jason let’s race [Music] I made it the whole way My arms can’t hold anything we’re out There we’re on the kayaks we were Learning it’s my first time ever doing It it was a really dope experience uh a Lot harder than you think and we Actually raced and i won i got a little Competitive after that workout like i am Ready for brunch for sure i’m ready for Some mimosas and ready to like you know Debrief and relax for the rest of the Day get some good food in and just hang Out with jason eventually the week is Coming to end soon right so What i try to make sure we’re both doing Is living in the moment and not counting Down the time that we’re not gonna have Together [Music] [Music] Cheers to me for winning our kayaking Game All i do is win ready [Music] It’s been a while since we’ve actually Had a chance to sit down with each other Like this right and get dressed up a

Long time well you look great thank you Glad i could compliment you yes i love The the vibe we’re giving off Thanksgiving Hi guys how are you doing this evening Good how are you A little bit about our background we Opened uh in fall of 2019. Uh kind of how we like to describe Ourselves as a modern day grill house uh Focusing on incorporating smoke into as Much as we possibly can so we started You guys off with a little snack board We have a pizzelle with uh some kaluga Hybrid caviar a smoked tomato tart and Grilled wagyu carpaccio enjoy it thank You so much [Music] This is literally art it’s just too Pretty i all poetry in a plate Cheers to a great weekend we have the Luxury of not having to plan everything And really just be in a moment with each Other yeah and appreciate life and the Beauty has had to offer so Cheers to more life more love more Blessing okay Cheers [Music] This is amazing it’s a lot of flavor try It please it’s amazing You know fish ain’t my thing no this Will be your thing try it if it’s not Just try it

There you go This isn’t amazing it’s so soft and Juicy I just do that that’s probably the best Fish i’ve had already grand finale here Oh my gosh so this is our showstopper Dessert here we have a uh japanese style Category it’s basically a shaved ice in The center uh we’re gonna actually have Some rhubarb lavender ice cream the ice Is going to be seasoned with a bit of Juiced mango finish with a bit of salted Cream caramelized white chocolate and Macho I love that that’s great so sweet Reminds me of hawaii i feel like i’m on Hawaii Love love you too [Music] It’s been a while since i really had a Chance to really do some indoor more Upscale dining with each other i love us Getting dressed up and getting all fancy And taking cute pictures The best part of the weekend one of my Favorite parts is kayaking i haven’t Done that in forever to do it through The colorado river but so much fun we Learned so much from our guide there and Also visiting sassy’s vegetarian was Amazing like i want to go back i want to Take food to go the pedicab tour is Probably my favorite activity just Because we accomplished so much yeah in

That tour and austin’s way more lit than I thought especially you know when the Sun comes down i was nervous initially Yeah i had butterflies it was as if i Like was meeting you for the first time And i was really nervous so seeing him Really alleviated all of that and i was Immediately comfortable And i think this trip really brought us Closer together because we were also Like Able to really learn new things together Try new things together a lot of first Times definitely recommend for anybody That’s in a long distance relationship And seen a friend in a while family like Find a midpoint get together explore a Different experience a different city And just you know enjoy that time Because as you can see you know life can Change overnight yeah you know moments Are precious so make sure you make them Last live your best life [Music] You

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