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Hello we are Sammy and Tommy we're an Adventure travel couple who love to see The world over the next three months We're traveling all over Latin America Starting right here in Bogota which is The capital of Colombia This city sits at almost 9 000 feet Above sea level in today's video we're Going to show you guys the best things To see and do if you guys decide to Travel here [Music] Our first stop is a must-see here in Bogota if you look up from anywhere in The city you can't miss montserate which Is where we're at right now There are a few different ways to get up Here you can take the funicular the Cable car or by hiking Made it yeah it wasn't too scary was it Yes it was I'm so scared of heights it's Like straight up and down that's the Steepest bunnicular I've ever been on Montserrate is more than just a tall Mountain it is also a cultural symbol of The city here at the top is the Sanctuary of montserate and the statue Of the Fallen Christ dating back to the 16th yes [Music] There are so many yummy delicious Looking food sauce here at montserate we Chose one that's going to serve us a Couple of typical Colombian and dishes

We're going to order them And we're also going to order the Typical ago soup Wow wow [Music] That is so delicious Well that pork is so delicious So far so good [Music] We just came down from montserrate and Now we are in La Candelaria which is Bogota's historical downtown and this Area is known for some world famous Street art which we're gonna go take a Look at Graffiti for us of course like is going To be a full transformation of areas That were not very good in the past now We try to change that using graffiti it Also works as a political tool of things In history they want to basically erase But of course it keeps in our memory [Music] One of the best things about Columbia is Its fruit since this location is right On the equator it has an ideal climate For some of the sweetest and most Colorful fruit in the world we're right Here in the market of palak Mao which is The most important Market in Colombia It's over 1200 songs and we're gonna go Try some we're gonna start with this Sweet gonadilla which is in the same Family of the passion fruit like to

Smash it against our head to crack it Open There we go It's known as the yellow or golden Passion which is going to be a very sour Fruit Oh baby it's gonna look like a tomato in The inside but it's not gonna taste like A tomato Oh my gosh he's so familiar [Music] Oh wow We're gonna learn all about the bean to Cup process here at Divino Cafe Especial Let's go take a look one big coffee have Four basic flavors sweet Acid and beer when you drink Colombian Coffee in the New York Tokyo or in London if this Colombian coffee you know Feeling as flavor or noise Colombian Coffee or is one horrible Colombian Coffee everything's been amazing wired Now ready to attack the world [Music] We have our cake and coffee to go it was Such an incredible experience so don't Miss it on your next trip to Bogota [Music] This is the first for me we are trying Our hand at Columbia's national sport [Music] So it's similar to cornhole back in the States but much more exciting because They involved gunpowder and explosives

And also our fruit tour guide Victor is The one who is showing us the Rope sign So we're super excited [Music] [Applause] Beat the locals at their own game Wow what an amazing City Bogota is from Seeing montserrate to learning how to Play tejo with locals it is such an Incredible City such an awesome time we Hope we encourage you guys to come Travel here don't miss it thanks for Watching bye Foreign

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