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We are Jenny and Kevin also known as eat Mala travel on YouTube we are two Mexican Americans living and traveling Through Mexico and we've made it to Ixtapas I call our towns on the Pacific coast of Mexico in the state of Guerrero it's Mostly known for its world-class Resorts And beautiful beaches today we're going To be taking you around with us diving Into the local culture and of course the Local cuisine Since Ixtapa is known for its amazing Resorts there are many to choose from But we chose to stay at caladium it's Incredibly beautiful set on the side of A rock cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and since we were looking for a Little romantic getaway this seemed like The perfect place I can hear the ocean Rarity I can see it Oh my god there are three restaurants a Spa amazing ocean views and the best Part there's an Infinity plunge pool Right in our suite this is incredible We're staying in the Romantic Deluxe Ocean Front Suite check this place out It's amazing Wow I can't believe how romantic and Detailed this all is this bathroom is Bigger than my room back at home check Out this incredible shower with an ocean View I heard a knock at the door let's see

Who it is Every day every guest between the hour Of five and six pm gets a guacamole Snack with two beers or two drinks of Your toys and ours just came in The pool is out of this world you feel Like you're at the edge of a world this Is a dream I'm dreaming I'm getting hungry and from looking at The ocean all day has me thinking of all The amazing food that comes out of it And tonight we're going to be dining at One of the restaurants here at the Resort called the seafood market we'll Be eating fish that was caught today With a view of the Pacific Ocean let's Go let's go this is today's Fresh Catch Of the Day what shall we do today Foreign [Music] It is like a mandarin flavored Cheesecake almost [Music] We just woke up and had breakfast on the Terrace and our sweets we plan on Hitting the beach today but first we're Gonna do some yoga on the deck [Music] There are beautiful beaches on Boutique Tampa and the siwatanejo side we're Going to be taking a short boat ride to The south end of siwatanejo bay to check Out Playa Las Vegas all right you ready Let's go let's go

This beach is known to be a calmer Beach There are some really good waves for Surfing and then on another side over Here we have families and kids playing In the water I'm really impressed by the Variety on this beach I've really really Enjoyed this beach especially because You get to see the beautiful view of Siwatanejo as your background I would Definitely come back or we could just Stay and never leave yeah like this Paradise I think I belong here I think I Do too After spending a beautiful day at Playa We're going to be spending the evening Near the main square of siwatanejo the Next town over from Ixtapa and whereas Ixtapa where it's more modern and Touristy siguatanejo is where you find The atmosphere that feels more like Traditional Mexico and don't forget what Day it is And we're definitely not gonna miss that Came to this Restaurant that's been around Is one of the most iconic dishes here in Mexico and it has a very cool history For the Aztec and Mesoamerican people it Used to be a ritualistic dish previously Made from human meat and it is said to Have originated right here in the state Of Guerrero I was so good nothing like Mezcal on the house from the restaurant Wow wow it's like really good and the

Rule is that you have to drink it the Way you would kiss your loved one We've had an incredible time here in Ixtapa and siwatanejo and I can't Believe that it's coming to an end the Pacific coast of Mexico is beautiful and I have so much to offer I think we Should hit up the beach at least one More time or have one more bowl of Posole before we head out yes agreed Thanks for joining us on today's Adventures and we hope that this Inspired you to come visit soon bye

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