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Mackinac island sits in lake Huron between Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas. This little island is just under four square miles but is packed with fun, adventure and history. One of the main ways to get here in the summertime is by fairy I love, seeing the excitement on the visitor’s faces as they approach the island, I’m Steph.

I live on Mackinac island and I can’t wait to show you why this magical place was named the number one island in the continental us by travel and leisure magazine. One of the first things that you’ll notice, when you arrive, is that there are no vehicles. People get around by walking biking, horsedrawn, carriages, wheelchairs or mobility scooters it’s a great way to escape the hustle and bustle slow down a little bit and also go exploring. So what do you say? Let’s go rent a bike.

Mackinaw wheels has a bike ready for us. Oh here it is oh thanks, so much it’s going to be great. There are a variety of bike shops on the island with different rentals available from three-wheel, adult trikes, mountain bikes, kids, bikes, even burleys and tandems a little bit of everything to go, exploring and right. Now we’re on the perimeter and we’re going to.

Take a look around biking. The perimeter is one of the most popular things to do m185, also known as lakeshore boulevard is the only vehicle less highway in us. It’s 82 miles around mostly flat and has beautiful views along the way, but we’re going to do something.

A lot of people, don’t do one of my favorite things, a big tip that I have. If you come and visit Mackinac island go up the hill into the interior and go exploring here’s. The washcloth golf course also the site of the battlefield of 1814 up to fort holmes, the highest point on the island as well as home to a historic earthen fort, and this is the post cemetery, one of only four places that can fly us flag halfstaff Year round, that was a ton of fun exploring and now we’re headed back downtown where there’s a sweet treat waiting for us.

Not only is Mackinac island, the number one island in the continental us, it’s also the fudge capital of the world. There are seven different fudge: businesses and 13 different fudge, shops in the downtown area and the best part is the fudge makers. They do the whole process up front right where you can see them. There’s big windows looking in and most of the businesses blow the smell out so as you’re walking by it smells like budge.

I know: may’s candy shop just started a fresh batch. Let’s go check it out. This is amazing. This is like a work of art.

Yeah, would you like to try uh seriously yeah yeah? I love that. Oh, my gosh, this is so special and all my time on the island. I’ve never gone to football, basically to use the long paddle you’re going to push okay and before the fudge reaches the edge, the side you’re going to flip and then you’re just going to pull it back like that awesome face.

Candy shop started on Mackinac island in 1940, and we’ve actually been in this specific location in ever since that’s our famous products, our local punch, wow, that is amazing, hot off the marble table. We made chocolate ready for this, the ultimate taste test so good. You can’t even talk it’s so creamy horses are instrumental to daily life on the island.

They serve as taxis. They help deliver boxes to homes. They even pick up the garbage and recycling a lot of what we do wouldn’t be possible without our horse friends, so making them a part of your Mackinac island vacation is definitely a must.

There’s saddle horse riding you can even drive your own carriage there’s. Also, the popular public carriage tour, which is about 20 people on a carriage, and they take you around to some of the highlights and sharing history of the island with you. Today we are doing the private carriage tour, which is a little bit more intimate. You can customize your route and you get a sit back, listen to the horses and enjoy the sights and sounds of Mackinac island.

Everyone say hello to our driver Keith, but, more importantly, julian and bubbles who are here to take us on a quick little tour. All right we’re at our first stop arch rock. Let’s go check it out.

Arch rock is one of Mackinac. Island’s famous limestone formations looks like it’s pretty quiet right now, which is a perk of going early, but let’s check it out and look at these views. Foreign bubbles, thank you so much for the tour.

It was so much fun. Super informative. Welcome thanks for riding with us and what service they even dropped me off at my last stop fort Mackinac is a revolutionary era fort with 14 original buildings.

They have live interpreters who do rifle demonstrations. Cannon fire rings walking tours. The exhibits are amazing, they’re, informative and it’s one of my favorite spots on the island.

What a day it has been – and I get to end it up here at the fort Mackinac tea room with one of the best views in the midwest. You know it’s been an action-packed day, but this is one of my favorite things to just sit down. Take it slow, take it all in listen to the horses and the bicycles going by watch the fairies going through the streets. It’s spectacular, there’s something special about Mackinac island.

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