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Cycling the Munda Biddi Trail – Australia

If you are seeking an incredible cycling adventure, consider putting Australia’s Munda Biddi Trail on your travel itinerary. Munda Biddi is a Noongar Aboriginal name that means “path through the forest”.

Precis of Mombasa City

A place where modern flare and exotic traditional cultures converge, Mombasa city is a commercial center located on an island that is more than three thousand years old. Located along the Kenya’s east coast in the coast province, Mombasa is a cosmopolitan port town due to numerous influences generated by foreign and local merchants and explorers both ancient and modern that have at one time or another occupied or ruled the island. An important cultural and economic hub in the East African region, Mombasa is the 2nd largest and important Kenyan city after…

Rental Market in Mombasa

Although there is a high demand for rental properties, and rental costs are significantly higher in Mombasa, attracting good yields for property owners, the rental yields can be better. As more people move from interior Kenya and others from overseas countries into Mombasa city, either for work and business prospects, or to enjoy the white sandy beaches, primordial architecture, diverse wild and marine life, tropical climate and the warm salty sea waters, renting accommodation and leasing properties becomes an essential basic need. The establishment of better-planned housing units, introduction of high-end luxury apartments and…

Tourism in Mombasa

Other than being a cultural hub, Mombasa city is the core of Kenya’s tourism industry, attracting numerous local and foreign tourists who come to bask in the tropical sun and dig in their heels in the white sands. In addition, they come to take a dip in the Indian Ocean to not only swim but to wow at the diverse marine life. Mombasa is not short of tourist hotspots given its strategic position as a port city.

Transportation in Mombasa

A port city, Mombasa thrives by having a transportation system that not only helps move people and commodities in and out of the city, but also one that links the island city with interior Kenya and overseas countries. For a city that has a port that serves East African countries such as Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi, and an airport that opens the city to the world, the state of transportation systems in Mombasa is relatively fair. However, it does require a lot of work in improving the existing transport systems and developing new ones to accommodate the…

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