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Hidden Places In Burma’s Shan State

Burma is one of the monsoonal countries of south-east Asia. But it has not only the tropical hot and during monsoon (chiefly in the coastal regions) extremely humid climate of the central and southern part of the country. It also has very temperate climate in the mountainous regions in north and east Burma with even at the peak of the hot season very pleasant temperatures. It was – among others – this that made these regions so interesting to the British when Burma was a British colony. They established three Hill stations, namely, Pyin Oo Lwin, Taunggyi, and Kalaw in the mountains of the Shan hills situated in east Burma. These Hill Stations were much sought after as summer retreat by the British and other foreigners.

The Most Useful, Always Available Structure to Help People Anywhere

Tents have been an integral part of a life of refugees or the people who go on camping. They have been there since a long time and their importance is still not lost.

British Colonial Rangoon/Yangon Sight Seeing

Hello and good morning. I hope you are ready for our today’s ‘British Colonial Rangoon Sight Seeing’. All of the colonial buildings we will visit are located in downtown Yangon, in other words, former British Colonial Rangoon proper, and are positioned relatively close to one another. The simple grit pattern of the city’s layout makes it easy to find ones way around. That’s why the best way to explore Colonial Rangoon is by foot. Another reason for walking instead of using a car is that the permanent traffic jams and a chronic lack of parking space in this area makes the car being more curse than blessing. We cannot and need not to see all colonial buildings for this would be much too much for one day and this article. The tour I have planned for today includes 30 major buildings that bear testimony to Rangoon’s present days Yangon’s glorious colonial past. All of them belong to the most precious jewels of British Colonial Rangoon’s treasure trove. Please, if you want to do yourself a favour make plenty of photos because it will definitely be the last time that you have the chance to see the buildings as they are.

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