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Grand Canyon Helicopters And What Happens When You Cancel Your Flight

Grand Canyon helicopter tours aren’t cheap. So what happens if you cancel your trip? Or if you run into bad weather and the trip gets scratched? In this article, I go over the key details so you can protect your travel investment.

The Incredible Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira – Columbia

Picture an underground chamber made of rock salt but is mainly used as a place of Catholic worship? It is mind blowing isn’t it.

Important Things You Must Know About A Palm Cabin

A holiday getaway can be the best time for you to bond with your loved ones. Thus, you must choose the best destination so all member will enjoy.

Bagan, Ancient Capital of a Once Mighty Kingdom

On the way to the opposite side of the planet earth the fiery ball of the sun is exploding in a firework of all colours of red, yellow and in-between while it – reflected by the water surface of the mighty Ayeyawaddy River – slowly sets and, finally, vanishes behind the Yoma mountain range that separates central Burma from the coastal areas of west Burma stretching along the Gulf of Bengal. Shortly before the fireball leaves me and thousands of pagodas and temples enveloped in the dark of the night the sun is painting red to pinkish streaks on the increasingly dark bluish and black sky. This is the moment when a myriad of stars start to blink at the firmament and the spectacle of one of the gorgeous Bagan sunsets of which I was privileged to enjoy more than thousand is over. Night has fallen over me and my beloved Bagan the former Pagan, capital of the once mighty kingdom of Pagan.

Immigration and Visas for Mozambique

With Mozambique being a popular tourist destination, the country does get quite a large number of worldwide, as well as African, visitors. Requirements to enter the country are not as strict as other countries, but the process can be time consuming. Some of the basic requirements may differ from one country to another and it is always best to make certain of these with your local embassy or consulate before making travel arrangements.

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