Cunard – Queen Mary 2 Ship Tour with Steve Smotrys

Important Information on Adventure Tours

An adventure can simply be described as a very unusual and exciting experience. Most of the times, it is a bold and a risky move to go on adventure tours. There is always a hint of uncertainty.

Bayan Olgii Mongolia

In the westernmost portion of Mongolia, on the border with China and Russia lies the remarkable province of Bayan Olgii (Bayan Ulgii). This land is known to be the land of Kazakh descendants, whose ancestors fled their motherland to avoid the expanding Russian empire and to search for a better future.

The Amazing Khongoryn Els – Mongolia

Majestic sand dunes as far as the eyes can see in the midst of a barren land and under a clear sky -this is just one of the fitting descriptions one can give to Khongoryn Els in Mongolia. Khongoryn Els are the country’s largest sand rises, and specifically lies in the Gobi Dessert.

Three Top Hotels in London for Business Travel

A prebooked Heathrow or Gatwick Airports taxi or shuttle can take your guests to any hotel in London. Here are three top hotels for business travel.

International Shipping to Uzbekistan? Things to Know in Advance

If you are planning to shipping to Uzbekistan there are some things you need to know. Learn more about the documents and regulations needed to ship internationally to this country.

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