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A Step-By-Step Guide to Plan Your Dream Trip

Everyone wishes for their dream trip to go well. Here’s a step-by-step guide to plan it perfectly and keep away from any travel stress.

The Largest Hindu Temples in Tamil Nadu

There are nearly 33,000 temples in Tamil Nadu, and most of these temples are a study in grandeur, opulence, and size. No wonder the southern state is famous for its temples.

Burmese Tea And Tea Shops

When writing and/or speaking about tea in Burma, or any other country for that matter, it is inevitable to depart on the journey into the realm of tea in China – in south-west China to be precise – for that is as I will explain in the following definitely from where tea is originally coming from. The discussion on whether or not the history of Burmese tea and the drinking of tea in Burma have originated in China has probably more to do with at least some Bamars’/Burmans’ reluctance to admit that the origin of tea is China and that the drinking of tea was adopted by them later from the Shan, than with tea, tea drinking and tea culture itself. The facts are that tea both as plant and beverage was discovered and had become important part of Chinese and later Shan culture already at a time when no Bamar/Burman had ever set foot into what is nowadays Burma (since 1989 also called Myanmar).

3 Of The Best Deluxe Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours Out Of Las Vegas

Interested in Grand Canyon helicopter tours? Then you need to know that there are deluxe and basic versions of these flights. In this article, I go over the best deluxe tours and share with you my Top 3.

10 Great Fall Destinations

As summer starts to wind down, it’s time to start planning those trips for fall. If you’re taking a vacation later in the year, you’ve got a lot to look forward to. The crowds die down, and you can appreciate the wonders of different locations without fighting for space. If you want to head away this fall, we’ve got some great places for you to choose from.

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