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Treasures of Cultural Landscapes – Focus on Scania

Presently there are 41 cultural reserves in Sweden covering the whole country and Ornanas was the first to be officially listed, in 2006, as a Cultural Reserve in Scania. This village dates back to 1584 when Scania was part of Denmark. The original farm closed down in 1933 and the area is now preserved for the future generations to understand a life without computers, TV’s and telephones.

Learn How Secondary Driving Controls Work

Technology continues to improve secondary driving controls allowing more handicapped people to drive again. Explore some of the options available to a variety of handicapped drivers.

How to Convert Vehicles to Be Wheelchair Accessible

Learn how to convert your vehicle to be wheelchair accessible and gain more mobility. When it comes to vehicle conversions and wheelchair accessibility, finding the right option for you begins with understanding what your mobility needs are and which options are available for your vehicle.

How to Plan a Good Vacation Abroad?

A vacation abroad is a thing which everyone dreams of. Vacations are very pleasurable and can give you a great break. The issue that is raised here is that which destination must be chosen.

Party Bus: A Brief Introduction

What is a party bus and what do you get for your money? Learn the benefits and perks this type of transportation offers you and your party goers.

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