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National Parks in Nepal

Nepal is very rich in natural resource/biodiversity. To protect these biodiversity natural resource of Nepal has been conserved by establishing various conservation centers and national parks. There are 10 national parks in Nepal with their separate identity.

Dammacakya, Full Moon Of Waso And The Wheel of Law

Now it is ‘Waso’ (June/July) here in Burma. The monsoon has arrived some 4 weeks ago and will very soon be in full swing. The monsoon in Burma begins in Nayon (May/June) and lasts for the following 3 months, which are Waso (June/July), Wagaung (July/August) and, finally, Thawthalin (August/September). Soon the monsoon season will reach its peak. Just as the Burmese saying goes: “Waso, Wagaung rain and flood”. Many Burmese people – superstitious as they are – have in order to ‘protect’ their houses and compounds from being flooded called a ‘Nat gadaw’ (wife or medium of a nat/guardian spirit) and made offerings to the nat ‘U Shin Gyi’, the guardian spirit of the rivers and lakes in order to put him in good spirits so that he takes due care that the water stays away from their homes.

Pindaya Village, Parasols And 8,000 Buddha Statues

Today I will be visiting Pindaya and you are heartily invited to accompany me. Pindaya is a small, beautiful and tranquil mountain village in Shan State, Burma, located about 25 miles/40 km north of the Inlay Lake. Its centre is the Botoloke Lake also called Nattamie Kan what means Angles Lake and its attraction more than 8,000 Buddha statues in a cave.

Saas Fee – Switzerland – The Pearl of the Alps

A small version of Zermatt – this is how Saas Fee is usually described. But this Swiss winter resort definitely has its own ambiance, character and distinct little charming features!

Why Choose Tour Packages For Your Holidays?

Travelling can be expensive, especially when you are taking a number of people and you want to give them a memorable time during the holidays. Even though it can be hard to limit people from the things they wish to enjoy during the holiday, it’s important that you work with a budget to ensure you strike a balance as you enjoy the holidays. Making a few adjustments to the holiday plans can be one of the best ways of saving money as you travel to your destination. Holiday tour packages come in handy in saving you money during travel.

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