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Holidays and Festivals in Singapore

As a nation of different racial and ethnic groups, Singapore has adapted its political and social calendar to accommodate its different racial and ethnic population. 31 days are observed as public holidays and festivals in Singapore. They fall into 4 main categories: worldwide observed holidays, national holidays, ethnic related festivals and seasonal festivals.

A Brief History and Cultural Overview of Singapore

The early history of Singapore centered on a Malayan prince, Sri Tri Buana, who, according to legend, established a settlement at Singapura on the southern shores of the island; Early history of Singapore Singapore was once the site of Singapura, a settlement built by prince Sri Tri Buana who landed on the island in the 13th century. The Portuguese later destroyed it and it remained dormant until the arrival of the British in the early 19th century, 6 centuries later on 28 January 1819. British rule saw the infusion of legal, political and economic…

Etiquette and Local Customs in Singapore

In Singapore, there are numerous aspects of etiquette and customs that need to be observed in different social settings. There are accepted norms for greetings, practices for names and titles and gift giving.

Bay St Louis

As a native Floridian, from Miami to be exact, I have always had a love for the beach. While I have a great affection for the beaches of the Atlantic coast, I think there’s definitely something to be said for those on the Gulf shore. While many think of just the beaches of Alabama and Pensacola, there are beaches that suit all types of needs and tastes.

Brazilian Coastal Walks

Take a leisurely stroll along the coast of Rio de Janeiro for the best views in the city of Sugar Loaf and Christo. Following the coastal path either on foot or by bike is a must do in Rio. Starting in Botafogo and ending in the Central district. Along the way you can enjoy beaches, marinas, the world´s best gym, fisherman and more…

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