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Understanding the Mating Habits of Bears

Scientists and bear watching experts have conducted much research into the animals’ mating habits. Find out more here.

Stages of Activity and Hibernation of the Black Bear

For many years bears in the wild weren’t considered to be true hibernators, due to fact that their body heat remains only 12 degrees lower than its usual temperature. Other mammals, such as chipmunks and squirrels, have the ability to drastically decrease their body temperatures, allowing them to sink into a deep hibernation. However bears are now considered to be ‘super hibernators’, as their smaller drop in body heat means they don’t have to wake up to raise their temperature in order to stay alive during winter, as many other hibernating animals need…

The Tsimshian People and the Sacred Spirit Bear

The Great Bear Rainforest, in Canada, is often symbolised by the Spirit Bear, otherwise known as the Kermode Bear. This rare and beautiful creature has been a sacred symbol for generations, including to the traditional Tsimshian people, also known as the Chimmesyan. Wildlife enthusiasts who journey to British Columbia for exciting bear tours will be treading sacred soil once the home of these North American Indians.

Eating and Hunting Habits of the Polar Bear

Polar Bears in the wild are opportunistic hunters. But what do they eat and how do they go about hunting their prey?

Kermode Bears: Why These Black Bears Are Born White

Within the Great Bear Rainforest, in Canada, are many species of animals that thrive in this dense and lush environment. Perhaps the most highly esteemed of all is the Kermode Bear (otherwise known as the Spirit Bear) who almost exclusively resides within the Great Bear Rainforest, alongside its black-furred brothers. Kermode Bears hold a fascination for many bear watching enthusiasts, due to their long and mysterious history among the Tsimshian people, who believed them to be sacred and hold supernatural powers.

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